The Happy Freelancer Model - How to get better clients & grow your income in 2024

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A tried and tested recipe to get more clients in 2024

For any freelancer looking to build a profitable freelance business: Simplify and organize client acquisition, win more clients, and never have to accept a project just because you’re out of money.

Get the strategy, tactics, processes, scripts, and templates we've created and used to grow our own freelance businesses, while creating the biggest freelance community in Romania, with more than 22.000 members.

What is The Happy Freelancer Model?

The Happy Freelancer Model is a tried and tested approach to getting your freelance business unstuck and to start growing. This model allows you to take your freelancing to the next level without buying email lists, SEO, dozens of paid ads, or feeling like an impostor.

You’re going to learn how to get clients in a unique, stress-free, and enjoyable way without traditional cold outreach that no one reads, or responds to.

You will be able to attract and upsell clients with bigger budgets over and over again. Doesn’t it sound good?

Here’s what you’re getting with The Happy Freelancer Model

✅ Your Niche Value Proposition framework 

Develop a simple and clear value proposition to use across your channels and make it really easy for clients to understand what you do and for whom.

✅ Plug & Play Freelance Sales Process framework

Get our ENTIRE sales process framework, which we use to sign high-paying clients. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

✅ Sell By Chat Method & Scripts

Steal our exact formula that we use to transform conversations into conversions and always be in control of the sale.

✅ Value-Based Pricing Kit

Inside this kit, you'll learn why you should become a Brief Maker vs. A Brief Taker and be a negotiation master who prices the client, not the job. You'll never undersell your services again.

✅ A clear and organized sales process

You will have a plan to follow with clear checklists and things to do. Even if you are not an expert in lead generation and sales, you will be able to implement this system that will get you more of the right clients. 

✅ Materials that are easy to go through

You decide how fast or slowly you learn and implement our process. The material is split into chapters you can work on every day or every week, depending on how much time you have available.

You're getting access to the process we've been using to get high-value clients. The process, the scripts, and the templates are all there. The ebook will be updated periodically based on new findings and tactics, so be sure to check back in or keep an eye on your email.

We are a bunch of freelancers working together as Milk & Cookies Digital Studio

You probably haven’t heard of us before. That’s by design. We’ve been working to build our lives and businesses to support our values and objectives. 

We have a pretty good life now. We work with reasonable clients with good budgets, we can travel to almost any destination at almost any time. We have the freedom and financial comfort we’ve been only dreaming of while employed in advertising agencies with heavy names. 

We’re living proof that luck can be built, especially with the right sales process

We’ve been in the freelance game for 8 years and we are the founders of the biggest community of freelancers in Eastern Europe (around 30.000 people on our social media channels, website, and newsletter). We've seen, talked with, and helped freelancers of all shapes and sizes. Based on everything we've seen, anyone can make it. As long as you can deliver wins for your clients and you can build a niche leading freelance business.

Curious about what's in the eBook? Here's a preview of the entire table of contents:



  1. Belief  
  2. Consistency 
  3. How to get the best results 


  1. Building Authority 
  2. Define your niche 
  • Practical exercises for your foundation 
  • Your business Ikigai 
  • Niching 
  • Your Value proposition 
  • How to choose your market 
  • Profile target and your CUSTOMER AVATAR (ABC+) 


  1. Package offer  
  2. Types of an intro offer 
  3. The ultimate intro offer 
  4. The find / win / keep type of Workshop 
  5. Pricing your services 


  • Intro to the Sales Process 
  • The sales process steps 

STEP I - Engage  

1. Finding the right prospects  

2. Nurturing the right prospects 

STEP II - Sell by Chat 

1. How to approach potentials 

2. The Stages of Sell By Chat 

3. Mapping The Chat Flow 

STEP III - Triage Call  

  1.  The call: 9 steps to follow for a successful triage call
  2.  Touchpoints Between Triage Call & Sales Call
  • Email 1 with Video 1: Common Mistakes video
  • Email 2 with Video 2: How you get Results video
  • Email 3 with reminder
  • How to Build Your Work Process Model  


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A tried and tested recipe to get more clients and potentially double your income.

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The Happy Freelancer Model - How to get better clients & grow your income in 2024

26 ratings
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